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What will 5G bring to broadcasting?

To be honest, I do not know the answer of the question: What will 5G bring to broadcasting? But, with the help of some documents, I will try to comment on this. It would be great if you also can share your opinions. "Broadcast", "unicast" and "multicast" are different ways of connection. Visualization is always better way of explaining: As you can see in the figure above, Unicast is point to single   point connection; Broadcast is point to all connection; Multicast is point to many points connection.  In broadcast connections, quality does not depend on the number of receiving units. So for serving same data to crowded receipents some kind of broadcast network should be used.  Mobile networks were providing unicast connections, i.e. from the base station to the receiver. Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service ( MBMS ) is a broadcast/multicast service in mobile networks, which is available since 2009 . But it has not been common