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While IBC is fast approaching...

If you are reading this post, I believe that you already know that IBC 2022 is fast approaching. I am not quite sure if I will manage to attend the event because of the COVID - 19 issues but I will try to follow the latest press releases and hopefully publish some e-interviews with both industry leaders and also start-ups.  So, if you are representing a company that will attend the IBC 2022 please do not hesitate to contact me through my email. 

Once again at IBC

I am glad to announce you that TVTechTR got press accreditation for IBC 2022. Hopefully I will be at RAI Amsterdam between 8-11 September. If you want to publish your announcement you can contact me. This blog does not accept any fee, does not require any means of payment. It is completely free of charge.  I wish a successful event for all participants...