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An interview with Zero Density

First of all can you tell us a bit about Zero Density . Founded in 2014 by 4 individuals with extensive working experience in broadcasting and media started working on the Reality Engine TM    product with the aim to break the mold and change the game in the post-production industry. Launched initially during 2016 NAB and won two innovations award in IBC 2017, Reality Engine TM    is the most photo-realistic virtual studio technology today. There were firms working on this area, but we launched it first which put us ahead in the game. Entire market set its eyes on us. Most live shows using gaming engine is done through our platform. Among our clients there are world leaders such as FOX Sports, Riot Games, Sky News Arabia and TF1. Reality Engine Demo at NAB 2019 AR & VR seems to be the killer application of broadcasting. There are many firms clamming to be different from others. What makes you different among them? Blending real time visual effects with virtual production

once again, at IBC

2015, was my 20th year in engineering and my first IBC experience. 2018, was my 20th year in broadcasting and my second IBC experience. I am glad to announce that I have been, once again, accredited as PRESS for IBC 2019, as founder of TVTechTR.  I still do not know if I will manage to attend the event, but you can be sure that I will try my best to do so.  I will be glad to make e-interviews, pre-event, if you have business or plan to make business in/with Turkey.  Hope to meet at IBC...  

digital radio

With this post, it my pleasure to state that you will read more frequently on radio & TV news form Turkey... According to the regulation which is issued on 23 December 2018 by the Supreme Council of Radio & Television there will be a tender on digital radio, FM & DVB-T2 in Turkey.  In this post, I will concentrate on digital radio.  According to the Item 27.1.b: "Sayısal radyo yayınları, ulusal ve ITU-R standartları ve teknik parametrelere uygun olarak Üst Kurulca belirlenecek teknik parametre ve standartlara göre yapılır." with my translation: "The digital radio broadcast will be made according to the technical parameters & standards stated by the Supreme Council, which will be decided accordingly to the national and ITU-R standards & technical parameters." From this statement it is not easy or even possible to find out the standard that will be chosen by Turkey. Actually there are more than one standard: DAB+ DRM+ DVB-T2 Li

frequency allocation tenders in Turkey

It was 2013, when RTUK (The Supreme Council of Radio & Television in Turkey) held a frequency allocation tender for digital terrestrial television. This tender was canceled with court decisions due to some objections.  It seems that in 2019, there will be a new tender for frequencies, this time not only for digital terrestrial television but also for analogue & digital radio. The details of the tender is not yet announced. On 23 December 2018, RTÜK issued a regulation which describes the subject. In the first week of 2019, I am planning to write on this regulation... Please keep following...

post IBC - 1

I had lots to do and actually still too busy, but I tried my best to find time for this introduction. This was my second IBC. After 2015, which was the first IBC of me & TVTechTR, I managed to come to Amsterdam as PRESS. This time I prefered to stay in Amsterdam, which was a good but expensive decision :) IBC, is a good event to see friends all over the world. It is also a good event, with the conference. But, the fair was not that attractive this year. There was no "killer application" this year. 4K is not going that fast, hence 8K is still too early to announce. SDI to IP conversion is not going as fast as expected. So there was no interesting.

IBC 2018

Dear colleagues, Thanks for your requests regarding IBC 2018.  Unfortunately my schedule is full. Hope to meet you at IBC 2019. I will try to find time for a quick visit to some of the stands, but as the conference is also full of interesting sessions, it seems that I will have really limited time. Chers collègues, Merci pour vos demandes concernant IBC 2018. Malheureusement, mon emploi du temps est complet. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer à l'IBC 2019. Je vais essayer de trouver le temps pour une visite rapide à certains des stands, mais comme la conférence est aussi pleine de sessions intéressantes, il me semble que j'aurai vraiment un temps limité. Kıymetli meslektaşlar, IBC 2018'de görüşme için ayırabildiğim zamanım doldu. Fırsat bulabilirsem hızlıca fuar alanını gezmeye çalışacağım. Konferans, çok ilgi çekici sunumlar ve oturumlarla dolu olduğu için vakit bulabilir miyim emin değilim. Gene de IBC 2018&#

IBC 2018

I will be attending IBC 2018 Conference between 12 - 16 September. There are some timeslots left for stand visits. Please send your inquiry to Hope best fair ever for all attendees.