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Digital TV Central & Eastern Europe 2014 in Budapest

I had to chance to attend the Digital TV CEE Event in Krakow last year. It was a three day event, one of which was dedicated to Over The Top TV (OTT TV). This year, event will be on 24-26 of June in Budapest. 
Reviewing the draft agenda, which you can also download through the web site of the event, I figured out that, it will be the right place to update yourself with the latest developments in TV sector. Again this year Digital TV CEE will be a three day event, first of which dedicated to OTT. 

Is it a nightmare for IPTV / Cable operators or is it a opportunity to expand their network? 

This question is the hot topic of recent years. There will be speakers from Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Czech Republic. By these speakers, I think that whole region is covered except Turkey. I hope that, like last year, I would also find chance to attend the event. 

Second and third days of the event will be focused on pay TV, hybrid TV, loyalty. As last year, I believe that there will be some stands outside of the conference room. It is a chance that there are no parallel sessions. By that, you would not miss a speech. 

As I mentioned, I am planning to attend this important event this year also. So it would be my pleasure to meet you there to change information about the TV market in Turkey.


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