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Connected TV World Summit 2013

It has been quite a while that I could not find time to write. Actually, I am not used to write in English and should spend more time for it. I was very busy with things, which make me feel happy. We went to Paris and then to a village in Turkey with my family. After that, about 3 weeks later, I went to London for Connected TV World Summit .  I will definitely write a detailed coverage of the event but I should wait for the presentations. Meantime let me write my first observations: Event, was very well organized. Each and every presentation was held on time with the previously announced speakers. Attendees were well chosen, covering nearly all aspects of connected tv business, namely CE manufacturers, broadcasting companies, system integrators, OTT providers.  Only missing party was advertisement, which is discussed on an other event: Future TV Advertisement Forum. It was a pleasure to hear from Hulu and Boxee from US. Cocktail after first day of the event and c offee bre