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700 MHz & even sub-700 MHz

@ Istanbul, 2015 As you may well know, in Turkey, we still do not have any DTT investment. It is not yet clear, weather we will have in future. According to the Act 6112, it is definitely clear that Turkey will build DTT network, but the strict dates, the dates for the ASO which were in the Act, are now not clear. Which confuses every body in the broadcast sector.  Recently, actually yesterday, an important announcement was made by the EBU, on the spectrum usage. This announcement, which can be read through this link , points the problems which may occur if the usage of 700 & even sub700 band is shared with non broadcast services before the pre announced date which was set to be 2030.  These issues surely makes the discussion, should Turkey start to build DTT or looks for other solution, more meaningful.  I will try to keep you updated with the discussions in Turkey. 

EBU, declared on 4K UHD

European Broadcasting Union, EBU published a policy statement on 4K UHD. On the first page of the document there is a statement: This document contains an important and fairly complex statement. It may only be reproduced and distributed in its entirety. Partial quotation is strictly forbidden. That's why I will not make any partial quotation. The document is very important.  As far as I understand it is a warning to the TV sector. The uncertainties cost a lot to all parties. To consumers, to broadcasters and to equipment manufacturers.  Hence, the industry should immediately come together and clearly define the 4K UHD implementation parameters. Otherwise, this chaotic situation will harm everyone... note: Photo is from Chili, Santiago.