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e-interview with Mr. Aytaç Biber on 5G Broadcast

I did not have chance to personally meet with Mr. Aytaç Biber who is working at Qualcomm as Director of Product Management, but with the help of IBC 2022, we managed to know each other. I prepared the questions with my collegue Mr. Halil US.   I appriciate for the answers of Mr. Biber, hope you enyoj the interview.   Q1. Can you please tell us your 5G solution. 5G broadcast is a new media delivery framework defined by 3GPP standardization body. It defines two modes of communication: 1- Standalone broadcast where a dedicated broadcasting network such as a single frequency network (SFN) is used for downlink broadcast . This could be live distribution of mass media content such as digital TV, live sports and digital advertisement content for billboards. This would be more tailored towards traditional broadcasters. 2- Mixed mode broadcast where low power , low tower networks could be used in hybrid mode with media client switching between unicast and broadcast for more efficient delivery o