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The format of the DTT in Turkey is declared as DVB-T2 HEVC

I have to admit that I have missed the recent update of the sub-act about the DTT in Turkey. Actually the update is somehow out of date: 27 October 2015.  According to this update the format of the DTT in Turkey is set to be DVB-T2 HEVC. It was declared as to be DVB-T2 MPEG4, in 2013.  So with the latest update of the sub-act, Turkey is going to be the first country in Europe to have a DVB-T2 HEVC network.  Some argue that to choose HEVC, rather than MPEG4 is a wrong decision, as the prices of the receivers with HEVC are still higher, comparing with the devices with MPEG4. Actually, this statement was true in 2014, but I believe it is not valid anymore. The consumer electronics equipment prices decrease dramatically. Nowadays one can easily find the UHDTVs in any market, so it will not be that hard to find DVB-T2 with HEVC.  Also, Korea, the land of Samsung & LG, has shown that it is possible to send UHD over DTT. So, I believe Samsung & LG have many models w

that was all folks, just keep doing what it should be!

As you know I keep trying to follow the technical developments & comment on them in broadcast sector of Turkey. You may not know that, this effort cost me a lot.  I decided to stop doing this. And stopped to post in this blog. I also close down my LinkedIn account, which was quite helpful in following the progress of the technical issues.  Then, I figured out that, I was trying to follow the progress of the technical issues, not for any favor but for the sake of my health. I mean, what I did, was not to become a manager, not to find a new job but, it was an instinct.  So, I restart to do, what I believe I should do! Keep following this blog to get information from the broadcasting in Turkey.