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Digital terrestrial television, national licensees

With the recent tenders, digital terrestrial television licensees are given by Supreme Council of Radio & Television in Turkey. Infect the results of the tender is some how surprising; total revenue of Supreme Council is 820.850.000 TL, which is appr. 350.000.000 €. When we think of regional and local licensees, total amount will be nearly TL What is the reason of this huge amount of money? Why do broadcasters agree to pay this amount for a license with which just 10 % is watching TV? What is the business plan behind this scene? These are questions in my mind. If I figure out some answers, you can be sure that I will share with you. If you have any answers, please do not hesitate to share with me, and other readers. I will appreciate your support.


With the change in technology, it seems that IPTV offers, will not need a separate set top box. Television sets becomes "smarter". Nowadays, they are not devices with just a monitor and tuner but devices with hard discs, operating systems. You can download applications to your TV, as if your tablet or phone. You can also use your phone / tablet to control your TV. Hence, TV and phone / tablet becomes more closer. On 25 of June in Krakow, Poland these issues and more will be discussed in detail at Digital TV event . If everything goes as planned, I will attend the event and hope to see you there also.

8th Annual Digital TV Central and Eastern Europe Event

I attended to IP & TV World Forum and TV Connect events in Istanbul, which of both was organized by Informa. Having attended to these events, I am glad to say that I will have chance to follow the Digital TV Central & Eastern Europe Event on 25-27 June at Krakow, Poland.  Actually I have to thank to Informa, for their support in attending the event.  Main topics that will be covered in the event are OTT (Over The Top) TV and Pay TV. There will be a one day event dedicated to Over The Top Television. I will try to attend this event also, which will be on 25 June. In fact I think that OTT will replace classic IPTV offers, with the increase in smart tv, connected tv sales figures, need for a set top box will diminish. Therefore, this one day event is really important for the sector professionals.  When we look at the speakers of the event, one can easily understand the importance of the event. Some of the speakers are: Ian McDonough, Senior Vice President and General M

First results and comments on digital terrestrial television license tender

As you all know digital terrestrial television license tender in progress. I want to write on the first results of the tenders. There will be national, regional and local licenses. Results of the national general HD licenses are some what surprising. In Turkey license of satellite and cable broadcast tv and  is 210.000 TL / 10 years, the minimum price for DTT national HD general was 3.000.000 TL. After the tender the minimum price for a licence was 48.800.000 TL. It is 232 times greater then license for satellite or cable.  Another interesting thing is that in Turkey, there are just 10% or less left, receiving tv from analog terrestrial. It can be thought that DTT license is a prestigious asset, that's why this license fee is so high. Even though we think like that, I believe it is not enough to explain the gap between license fees among two types of distribution channels. We will wait and see what these results mean. Keep following my blog in order to keep informed on Turki

HD National General licences

First phase of DTT license tender is made today. According to the news from Anadolu Agency broadcasters who won the license for 10 years is as follows: AKS Televizyon Reklamcılık ve Filmcilik Anonim Şirketi (Show TV) Ciner Medya TV Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi (Haber Türk) D TV Haber ve Görsel Yayıncılık Anonim Şirketi (Kanal D) Huzur RadyoTV Anonim Şirketi (FOX) Işıl Televizyon Yayıncılık Anonim Şirketi (Star TV) Samanyolu Yayıncılık Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi (Samanyolu TV) Turkuvaz Aktif TV Prodüksiyon Anonim Şirketi (Turkuvaz Aktif TV) Yaşam Televizyon Yayıncılık Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi (Kanal Türk) When we look deeper to the results we see that Çukurova, Doğan, Doğuş, Samanyolu, Ciner, Turkuvaz groups has won an HD national general license.

DTT Tender starts today

It is a big day for Turkish Television Market. Today, first digital terrestrial television license tender will be made. Results of this tender will have great impact on the TV market. There are 15 broadcasters in today's tender for HD general national license. However there are just 8 license. Thus price for one license is expected to get higher then the minimum, which is 3000000 TL. I will write on the results as soon as it is announced. One interesting development is that there are just few comments about the tender in Turkish newspapers and columnists. I think that this silence is meaningful. To make a comment on this silence I want to wait a little and see the comments after the tender. Keep following this blog for being updated with developments in Turkish TV market...

Insights about Turkish TV market after digital terrestrial

Although nearly all countries throughout European has completed analog switch off, Turkey has not yet build Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) network. First tender will be next week for licensees of national coverage. Regional and local coverage licensees will follow national. Analog terrestrial is said to continue till March 2015. In this post I will try to figure out the affects of this process on TV market in Turkey. In Turkey cable has a limited network and hence has a little market share. App. there is %8-10 of households receive tv from cable (analog + digital). There is only one cable operator, TURKSAT , which is %100 state owned and operates not only cable but also satellite. TURK TELEKOM , which was previously the telecommunication monopoly of Turkey, has IPTV offer, namely TIVIBU . TIVIBU has not yet reach an important number of customers in market but is growing rapidly. DIGITURK and DSMART are two satellite platforms both of which has also three screen solutions.

Connected TV World Summit 2013

I had chance to follow the Connected TV World Summit 2011 online. This year, if I can manage to, I will attend the event in London. In its program, which you can download from here , it is stated that: CE manufacturers pioneered Internet video to the TV screen, then Pay TV harnessed Connected TV apps as a way to reach their subscribers in more rooms. Now platform operators are focused on their own connected set-top boxes while broadcasters help develop the next-generation free-to-air platforms that will take Connected TV to the wider market. Every kind of platform and every kind of content provider, from the new online entrant and special interest channel to the movie portal and terrestrial broadcaster, needs a connected strategy. Like digital before it, ‘ connected’ is driving a fundamental change in the TV market that impacts everyone and everything. I totally agree with this statement. It is a fact that connected world will effect each and every part of TV business. Either y