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last post on

I regret to inform all my followers that this is my last post on this blog. When I first started to post about the technical issues of radio & television in Turkey, I hoped that, as the time passes, I would be able to attend the international events as invited speaker.  I do not & will not take any ads on this site. So to finance my trips, it was necessary to be invited as speaker. But, the plan has not become a reality. So, I have to stop here. I am not sure if I would have the energy, to start again. All I know is, I tried at least.  I will not close down the site & will keep the posts as an archive.  I would like to thank all, who read & commented on the posts. 

A Long Term Vision for Terrestrial Broadcast, white paper from DVB

It is my pleasure to announce the important white paper from DVB. The report , which is of 80 pages, is dealing with the DTT.  The report or more correctly White Paper, is dated November 2015, which is quite new. It starts with stating that, Linear TV will not die as fast as many think. Although on-demand gain market share, because of "live events" there will always be a need for Linear TV. Another reason for Linear TV is that people, actually "want" someone to make a schedule for them. Sounds strange for you, but it is also my observation :) The white paper, is also dealing with the need for capacity. As you well know the frequency band for terrestrial television has decreased dramatically and it seems that with the lost of 700 MHz, will continue to decrease. According to white paper, DVB-T2 HEVC, offers enough enhancement to fulfill the requirement of a more efficient way of terrestrial standart. Whereas the need for a back channel, is still a problem to be

digital radio in Sweden: what is happening?

Time to time, it becomes extremely difficult for me to follow up the progress in technology. The main reason for this is nothing but MONEY :)  I have to finance all my trips to events, at which I have the chance to meet colleagues from industry and ask my questions. But, for some events, the cost for the event is too high, like the DVB World Congress in Venice. Although I bought the tickets for the flight & booked a hotel on my own, it seems that I will not find a way to attend the event, as it is not possible for me to pay 1000 € for a two day congress. The title of this post is again on the same issue, the unability to attend the events. As you may already know, there is a hot topic in the digital radio world: Sweden. It is a country of social democrats and a heaven for some, because of this. This Nordic country, has been trying the digital radio for many years and now decided not to proceed any more. It is quite interesting as another Nordic, Norway, is preparing

A farewell to DigiTAG

I had the chance to attend a workshop organized by DigiTAG. It was an NGO, to promote digital terrestrial television. Recently I heard that DigiTAG will continue its mission under DVB-PCM.  I have to say that for professionals like me, DVB is not close enough to get information. It is not possible to attend their conference, DVB World, as it is too expensive to finance on you own. But the events organized by DigiTAG was not that expensive.  I hope that, DVB, reorganize itself with this DigiTAG to help all, in this sector. 

700 MHz & even sub-700 MHz

@ Istanbul, 2015 As you may well know, in Turkey, we still do not have any DTT investment. It is not yet clear, weather we will have in future. According to the Act 6112, it is definitely clear that Turkey will build DTT network, but the strict dates, the dates for the ASO which were in the Act, are now not clear. Which confuses every body in the broadcast sector.  Recently, actually yesterday, an important announcement was made by the EBU, on the spectrum usage. This announcement, which can be read through this link , points the problems which may occur if the usage of 700 & even sub700 band is shared with non broadcast services before the pre announced date which was set to be 2030.  These issues surely makes the discussion, should Turkey start to build DTT or looks for other solution, more meaningful.  I will try to keep you updated with the discussions in Turkey.