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A Long Term Vision for Terrestrial Broadcast, white paper from DVB

It is my pleasure to announce the important white paper from DVB. The report , which is of 80 pages, is dealing with the DTT.  The report or more correctly White Paper, is dated November 2015, which is quite new. It starts with stating that, Linear TV will not die as fast as many think. Although on-demand gain market share, because of "live events" there will always be a need for Linear TV. Another reason for Linear TV is that people, actually "want" someone to make a schedule for them. Sounds strange for you, but it is also my observation :) The white paper, is also dealing with the need for capacity. As you well know the frequency band for terrestrial television has decreased dramatically and it seems that with the lost of 700 MHz, will continue to decrease. According to white paper, DVB-T2 HEVC, offers enough enhancement to fulfill the requirement of a more efficient way of terrestrial standart. Whereas the need for a back channel, is still a problem to be

A farewell to DigiTAG

I had the chance to attend a workshop organized by DigiTAG. It was an NGO, to promote digital terrestrial television. Recently I heard that DigiTAG will continue its mission under DVB-PCM.  I have to say that for professionals like me, DVB is not close enough to get information. It is not possible to attend their conference, DVB World, as it is too expensive to finance on you own. But the events organized by DigiTAG was not that expensive.  I hope that, DVB, reorganize itself with this DigiTAG to help all, in this sector. 

e-Interview with Dr. Peter Siebert, CEO of Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB) Office

It is my honor to post an e-interview with the executive director of the DVB Project Office, Dr. Peter Siebert. I personally appreciate for his quick response and clear answers. I hope that his view will help the TV sector in Turkey, in the journey of digitization of terrestrial television.   1. As you may well know Turkey has not yet built a DTT network. On the journey of DTT, the standards changed from DVB-T with MPEG2 to DVB-T2 with MPEG4. Nowadays especially after the Germany's decision of building a DTT network with DVB-T2 HEVC, do you think that Turkey should also think about choosing DVB-T2 with HEVC as the standard for DTT. Answer: The introduction of a new television system is always a major step and involves significant investment. Therefore the implemented technologies should be as much future proof as possible. By now HEVC is a mature technology and a wide range of decoding devices are available. Therefore, I would recommend that Turkey, like Germany, goes

It is my pleasure to announce an e-interview with Dr. Peter Siebert, the CEO of DVB Project Office

It was this February when I first met with Dr. Peter Siebert in Kuala Lumpur at the conferance of Asia Pasific Broadcasting Union (ABU). He is the chief executive officer of the well-known, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Project Office.   I am honored to announce that Dr. Siebert accepted my e-interview offer. I have sent him questions and wait for his answers. I asked him 4 questions, 3 of which are about the digital terrestrial television. The last one is about the usage of DVB-T2 Lite profile for the digital radio. The post of the interview may take time, as in July & August many is on vacation.  Keep watching and do not hesitate to contact me with your comments.