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HD Radio 2015 figures

Since October 2015, HD Radio is owned by the DTS . I recently read a press release on the HD Radio by DTS. I want to share some important issues of this press release Acquired by DTS in October of last year, HD Radio technology is the only digital broadcast system approved by the FCC for AM/FM radio in the U.S. offering new FM channels, crystal-clear sound and advanced data services with no subscription fees. HD Radio technology was built into approximately 37% of cars sold in the U.S. in 2015 across all 36 available vehicle brands and more than 200 models. More than 2,300 radio stations have upgraded to HD Radio technology, including 98 of the top 100 stations in the top 10 U.S. markets. The latest updates from HD Radio include: A variety of new car models arriving on the market this year will feature HD Radio receivers, including the Hyundai Ioniq,  Kia Niro , Toyota Mirai, Toyota 86, Audi R8 Spyder, Lexus LC and Alfa Romeo Giulia. The Acura NSX will feature DTS Neural Surro

May HD Radio be an alternative for Turkey?

There are mainly three worldwide digital radio technologies: DAB/DAB+, DRM30/DRM+ and  HD Radio™ . According to some sector professional Turkey should not even think of  HD Radio™  as an alternative for the digitization of radio. I have some doubts on that. Lets have a closer look at  HD Radio™ : Who is behind the  HD Radio™ ? IBiquity  Digital is the firm that developed the  HD Radio™  technology. Some argues that as it is a firm, not a consortium, so broadcasters should avoid choosing  HD Radio™  as the digital radio technology. It sounds a little bit ambiguous. Why should broadcasters avoid using it? Do they avoid using Windows, for their PCs? Well, it is the same actually. Microsoft is a firm, that has a product, and broadcasters, like many others are using it. So, Ibiquity Digital is a firm like Microsoft. They have an approach to digital radio, with using FM band, they can digitize the radio broadcast.  One technology, many manufacturer By choosing  HD Radio™  as