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IBC 2023

According to the email that came today,  IBC 2023 was an extraordinary success, setting new records and cementing its status as one of the most important events in the media and entertainment industry. Here are some key figures that caught my attention: Global Attendance:  A staggering 43,065 attendees from 170 countries descended upon the RAI in Amsterdam between September 15 and September 18, 2023. This impressive international representation is a testament to IBC's global reach and relevance. Exhibitor Showcase:  Over 1,250 exhibitors gathered to showcase their latest solutions and innovations. From cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking content, IBC 2023 was a treasure trove of industry advancements. Remarkable Growth:  The total number of attendees witnessed a remarkable 16% increase compared to the previous year. This significant growth demonstrates IBC's ability to continuously attract industry leaders, enthusiasts, and decision-makers. For me, IBC 2023 was more than

e-interview with Varnish Software

As it was the first face to face event after pandemic, at IBC 2022, each participant was very busy. I personally thank to Mr. Lars Larsson, the Chief Executive Officer of Varnish Software for the chat we had at IBC. I also want to thank to  Mr. Robert Brownlie, Account Executive at ​Bob Gold & Associates , who helped a lot during this e-interview. And finally I really appriciate for his time and explanary answers to the questions, Mr.  Adrian Herrera, Chief Marketing Officer of Varnish Software .  Below you will find the answers to my 4 questions. Varnish Software is the first company which I post the e-interviews. Hopefully will not be the only one.  I thank again for their support to this blog... Q1. Can you tell us a bit about Varnish Software and your insights on the Turkish market? Over 20% of the world’s top websites use Varnish Software ’s caching and CDN solutions, which help content providers of any size deliver lightning-fast, reliable, and high-quality web and streami

post IBC 2022: 5G Broadcast

There is a saying in Turkish. If I try to translate it, I guess it is something like this: "Everyone describes an elephand depending on where he/she grabs." I believe there is also one in English which has similiar meaning, I would be glad if you can share that in the comments. I have been working in broadcast since 1998 and worked on digital terrestrial broadcast since 2003. So, the my main interest was DTT again. But this time not DAB+ / DRM+ nor DVB-T2. My main point of interest was 5G Broadcast.  There was actually one single company which was demonstrating 5G broadcast, namely Rohde & Schwarz. They were doing the demonstration with the receivers which have chipsets from Qualcomm. So this demonstration was in a way the demo of R&S and Qualcomm. But I had the chance to talk to other big transmitter companies. The advance of IBC is that you can find top level executives to talk with on the subjects that you are interested in. So these guys told me that even though t

post IBC 2022 move IBC 2023 to Istanbul

Before starting to write on the technology & services that I encounter at IBC 2022, let me write a little bit on Amsterdam & Schipol Airport.  As an engineer who believes that "another life is possible other than we live", i.e. a socialist version of life is possible, I do respect the strikes. I think that it is the most powerful way of being seen by the authorities. So the strike of railway when I came to Amsterdam was something I already know, thanks to my dear friend BM from UK. But the long ques that all of us waited at Schipol when we were trying to quit Amsterdam, was not because of a strike at all.  The overpriced restaurants, twice / sometimes triple times priced hotels, cosy but noisy city center... I can understand all of these, but can not understand standing in que for 3 hours just to exit the country. So I, once again, offer IBC to think Istanbul for IBC 2023.  I believe you all know that Istanbul with its two international airports, train & ferry con

step by step

If I could add a song to this post it would be "step by step". It really explains how I build this blog or website or portal, in near future.  Hopefully you will be able to read exclusive interviews with professionals, companies. Also the news regarding the broadcast business in Turkey will be on the portal.  But for these, I want a little more time... As the song says...  Step by step, bit by bit...

Press releases pre IBC 2022

As I am a registered press member, firms attending to IBC 2022 started sending me their press releases. I have posted these in previous years and realized that they actually do not get any attention of my readers.  I, personally, am not also interested in the general descriptions of the new products of the firms. I do want to learn the key points of the new technology and the pros & cons of it when compared with the old one or the competitors.  So I recommend firms attending to IBC 2022 to focus on making e-interviews. By this I once again announce that my blog is open to e-interviews. See you at RAI... photo is from Kadıköy, İstanbul...

While IBC is fast approaching...

If you are reading this post, I believe that you already know that IBC 2022 is fast approaching. I am not quite sure if I will manage to attend the event because of the COVID - 19 issues but I will try to follow the latest press releases and hopefully publish some e-interviews with both industry leaders and also start-ups.  So, if you are representing a company that will attend the IBC 2022 please do not hesitate to contact me through my email. 

An interview with Zero Density

First of all can you tell us a bit about Zero Density . Founded in 2014 by 4 individuals with extensive working experience in broadcasting and media started working on the Reality Engine TM    product with the aim to break the mold and change the game in the post-production industry. Launched initially during 2016 NAB and won two innovations award in IBC 2017, Reality Engine TM    is the most photo-realistic virtual studio technology today. There were firms working on this area, but we launched it first which put us ahead in the game. Entire market set its eyes on us. Most live shows using gaming engine is done through our platform. Among our clients there are world leaders such as FOX Sports, Riot Games, Sky News Arabia and TF1. Reality Engine Demo at NAB 2019 AR & VR seems to be the killer application of broadcasting. There are many firms clamming to be different from others. What makes you different among them? Blending real time visual effects with virtual production

once again, at IBC

2015, was my 20th year in engineering and my first IBC experience. 2018, was my 20th year in broadcasting and my second IBC experience. I am glad to announce that I have been, once again, accredited as PRESS for IBC 2019, as founder of TVTechTR.  I still do not know if I will manage to attend the event, but you can be sure that I will try my best to do so.  I will be glad to make e-interviews, pre-event, if you have business or plan to make business in/with Turkey.  Hope to meet at IBC...  

post IBC - 1

I had lots to do and actually still too busy, but I tried my best to find time for this introduction. This was my second IBC. After 2015, which was the first IBC of me & TVTechTR, I managed to come to Amsterdam as PRESS. This time I prefered to stay in Amsterdam, which was a good but expensive decision :) IBC, is a good event to see friends all over the world. It is also a good event, with the conference. But, the fair was not that attractive this year. There was no "killer application" this year. 4K is not going that fast, hence 8K is still too early to announce. SDI to IP conversion is not going as fast as expected. So there was no interesting.

IBC 2018

Dear colleagues, Thanks for your requests regarding IBC 2018.  Unfortunately my schedule is full. Hope to meet you at IBC 2019. I will try to find time for a quick visit to some of the stands, but as the conference is also full of interesting sessions, it seems that I will have really limited time. Chers collègues, Merci pour vos demandes concernant IBC 2018. Malheureusement, mon emploi du temps est complet. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer à l'IBC 2019. Je vais essayer de trouver le temps pour une visite rapide à certains des stands, mais comme la conférence est aussi pleine de sessions intéressantes, il me semble que j'aurai vraiment un temps limité. Kıymetli meslektaşlar, IBC 2018'de görüşme için ayırabildiğim zamanım doldu. Fırsat bulabilirsem hızlıca fuar alanını gezmeye çalışacağım. Konferans, çok ilgi çekici sunumlar ve oturumlarla dolu olduğu için vakit bulabilir miyim emin değilim. Gene de IBC 2018&#

IBC 2018

I will be attending IBC 2018 Conference between 12 - 16 September. There are some timeslots left for stand visits. Please send your inquiry to Hope best fair ever for all attendees.

post IBC 2015: Digital Radio

There has been a debate on the standard of the digital radio all over the world. WorldDAB & DRM are the two leading non profit organisation to support their solutions; DAB+ & DRM+. There is also another alternative with radio over DVB-T2 Lite profile. During IBC 2015 all three tried to convince the attendees that their solution was the ONE.   The panel of WorldDAB  Mr. Kenneth Wenzel, showing the digital radio over DVB-T2 Lite profile  Head of WorldDAB, Mr. Patrick Hannon Actually I should admit that I did not have chance to attend any DRM event. Although I promised to attend & I shared their program on this blog, I totally forgot this. I had the chance to meet with Mr. Kenneth Wenzel again, with whom I first met at the Levira's event in Tallinn in 2013. I also found chance to chat with the CEO of DVB Project, Dr. Peter Siebert & Head of DigiTAG Mr. Simon Fell & Deputy Head of DigiTAG Mr. Stan Baaijens. We had a meeting with the WorldDAB sta

post IBC

It's been quite a while since the IBC 2015 is over. I started to post about it, on my blog in Turkish. Actually, it is still much easier for me to write in my native. But, as a PRESS member, I know that I should also post in English. I will start with a general covarage, after that I will write on some specific technology/application, and finally I will comment on the companies & their solutions in IBC 2015.  First of all I should thank to all, working for the IBC. It was the first time I attended to the IBC, but it worth every cent that I spent on my own. Amsterdam is a lovely city. The hotels are quite expensive during IBC, but you may stay in Leiden, Delft, Den Haag or even Rotterdam. They are not far away by train. You should also take in to account the transportation cost. IBC gives you a free card which is valid in all bus, tram & metro in Amsterdam. If you choose to stay in another city, you have to use train, which is not that cheap. I stayed at Leiden, for 6

IBC with numbers

Photo from IBC's web site, Press Zone. IBC 2014 1967, First IBC was held in London. 1992, IBC in Amsterdam RAI for the first time.  1994+, IBC in Amsterdam RAI. 14 exhibition halls. 1700+ exhibitors 170+, the number of countries which visitors came. 55000+, visitors in 2014. 70+ sessions in conference 2015. 16+, age to enter IBC. 2570 €, Gold PASS Early Bid.

still one week for IBC & fully booked

It is my pleasure to announce that I have booked my 4 full days with some interviews & demos. To be honest, I was some how not sure, how will people find me, I mean, this will be my first time in IBC. But, thanks God, I still take mails from companies, to whom, unfortunately I say, hopefully next year.  I will write long posts on IBC, when I come back. I will, hopefully, have chance to take some videos from the event, if I manage to take permission form my girls to have one of their tablets :) Hope to meet you there!

ContentWise & Bebeleye partnership

There are hundreds of TV channels, each of which are 7/24 broadcasting. It becomes very complicated for the viewer to choose among these. Recommendation engines play important role on that. They help the people on their choices.  Recently I got an e-mail from Platform agency, about a partnership between ContentWise & Bebeleye. The TV professionals will recognise these firms, they are doing great job in their own field and region. I believe this partnership will open new possibilities for both. 

my Agenda at IBC

I started to think of IBC. As I have said before, it will be the first time I have the chance to attend such an important event. I feel lucky that IBC accepted my application as PRESS. So I will try to do my job and inform my followers with daily digest from the show. The details of my IBC program is more clear now: My flight to Amsterdam is on 10 th of September. I will be in Amsterdam at 12.30 pm. It is the first day of the conference and the fair is not opened yet. I will come back to Ankara on 15 of September, in the afternoon. This means I will have 4 full days for the event. Till today I organised just one appointment on 13.09 at 10.30. I want to inform you that as I will also follow the conference, I may not have enough time for your inquiries.  I will not come to IBC as a delegate of my company. I will pay all my expenses on my own, but to be honest, the subjects that I personally interested and the ones that I work on are not different. DAB/DAB+, DRM or generally di

this year at IBC...

I have been blogging since 2004, in Turkish about many: books, travel, cooking and also radio & television technology. As you may guess the most viewed posts I made are the cooking & travel ones. Radio & television are the main, may be nowadays  were the main, way of entertainment for all. But the technology behind radio & tv are not the hot topic for all.  In 2013 I decided to post in English on radio & television technology in Turkey. My main goal was to become a reference blog for the radio & TV industry in Turkey. I know that there are not many sources for information on what is going on in Turkey about the digital transition in radio & TV. I tried to share my knowledge, actually the open sources of information which are mainly in Turkish, to the professionals all over the world. By that I dreamed that one day I would be accredited as PRESS to the important events of broadcasting.  In 2013, I managed to attend three conferences, in London, in Kr