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HD Radio 2015 figures

Since October 2015, HD Radio is owned by the DTS. I recently read a press release on the HD Radio by DTS. I want to share some important issues of this press release

Acquired by DTS in October of last year, HD Radio technology is the only digital broadcast system approved by the FCC for AM/FM radio in the U.S. offering new FM channels, crystal-clear sound and advanced data services with no subscription fees. HD Radio technology was built into approximately 37% of cars sold in the U.S. in 2015 across all 36 available vehicle brands and more than 200 models. More than 2,300 radio stations have upgraded to HD Radio technology, including 98 of the top 100 stations in the top 10 U.S. markets.
The latest updates from HD Radio include:
  • A variety of new car models arriving on the market this year will feature HD Radio receivers, including the Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Niro, Toyota Mirai, Toyota 86, Audi R8 Spyder, Lexus LC and Alfa Romeo Giulia. The Acura NSX will feature DTS Neural Surround™ technology as well. 
  • New monitors from a variety of top brands, including Inovonics, Belar, Deva, Day Sequerra and Audemat, now enable broadcasters to monitor time and level alignment to automatically enhance the quality of the HD Radio broadcasts. Monitor product demos will be available at the NAB booth.
  • Live monitoring of the HD Radio broadcast is now available in the top 50 radio markets in the US to ensure a consistent, high-quality consumer experience.
  • In Canada, seven stations are currently live broadcasting HD Radio 

In addition, two vehicles incorporating HD Radio technology – the 2016 Subaru Legacy and 2016 Toyota Camry – will be on-site at the NAB booth for real-world demos. FM+ technology will also be on display, showcasing the capabilities of an enhanced radio experience on mobile devices globally. 
"HD Radio technology continues to provide a high-quality experience for millions of listeners," said Jeff Jury, general manager, HD Radio and automotive, DTS, Inc. "We feel strongly that the continuing roll out of HD Radio enabled cars and DTS premium sound will play a key role in optimizing future generations of in-car entertainment for many years to come." 
For more information about DTS, please visit, or connect with DTS on Facebook and Twitter (@DTS).
The aim of digitization is to have "better" of the current offer; better sound quality, better covarage, better experience, better power consumption figures... If the broadcaster & end-user has these "better"s, then they will decide to switch to digital, or new offer. If not, they will not buy your offer. 

It seems that HD Radio has quite a success, with %37 of the new cars sold in 2015 with HD radio receiver. This %37 is not a small number, when you compare the European alternatives & the percentages of the cars sold in Europe with the digital radio sets. 


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