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IBC 2023

According to the email that came today,  IBC 2023 was an extraordinary success, setting new records and cementing its status as one of the most important events in the media and entertainment industry. Here are some key figures that caught my attention: Global Attendance:  A staggering 43,065 attendees from 170 countries descended upon the RAI in Amsterdam between September 15 and September 18, 2023. This impressive international representation is a testament to IBC's global reach and relevance. Exhibitor Showcase:  Over 1,250 exhibitors gathered to showcase their latest solutions and innovations. From cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking content, IBC 2023 was a treasure trove of industry advancements. Remarkable Growth:  The total number of attendees witnessed a remarkable 16% increase compared to the previous year. This significant growth demonstrates IBC's ability to continuously attract industry leaders, enthusiasts, and decision-makers. For me, IBC 2023 was more than is now the web site of my consultancy office.

After working for the public broadcaster of Turkey, Turkish Radio & Television -TRT- for 25 years I have been retired in March 2023.  I am happy to announce that, with my extensive bunch of knowledge on the broadcasting market, I decided to start my own business as a consultant in broadcasting. Details of the business will be announced soon. 

once again in IBC, hope to meet you in AMSTERDAM

I had the chance to attend IBC 2015, 2018 & 2022 as a member of press, representing my This year, if everthing goes as planned, I will once again attend IBC.  Hopefully I will come to Amsterdam on 14 of September & will be available for meetings from 15 to 17 of September. As the time is limited, I recommend you to contact & schedule a meeting if you are interested to be interviewed by a blogger from Turkey. J'ai eu la chance d'assister aux IBC 2015, 2018 et 2022 en tant que membre de la presse, représentant mon Cette année, si tout se passe comme prévu, je participerai à nouveau à l'IBC. J'espère que je viendrai à Amsterdam le 14 septembre et que je serai disponible pour des réunions du 15 au 17 septembre. Comme le temps est limité, je vous recommande de contacter et de planifier une réunion si vous êtes intéressé à être interviewé par un blogueur de Turquie.

e-interview with Mr. Aytaç Biber on 5G Broadcast

I did not have chance to personally meet with Mr. Aytaç Biber who is working at Qualcomm as Director of Product Management, but with the help of IBC 2022, we managed to know each other. I prepared the questions with my collegue Mr. Halil US.   I appriciate for the answers of Mr. Biber, hope you enyoj the interview.   Q1. Can you please tell us your 5G solution. 5G broadcast is a new media delivery framework defined by 3GPP standardization body. It defines two modes of communication: 1- Standalone broadcast where a dedicated broadcasting network such as a single frequency network (SFN) is used for downlink broadcast . This could be live distribution of mass media content such as digital TV, live sports and digital advertisement content for billboards. This would be more tailored towards traditional broadcasters. 2- Mixed mode broadcast where low power , low tower networks could be used in hybrid mode with media client switching between unicast and broadcast for more efficient delivery o

e-interview with Varnish Software

As it was the first face to face event after pandemic, at IBC 2022, each participant was very busy. I personally thank to Mr. Lars Larsson, the Chief Executive Officer of Varnish Software for the chat we had at IBC. I also want to thank to  Mr. Robert Brownlie, Account Executive at ​Bob Gold & Associates , who helped a lot during this e-interview. And finally I really appriciate for his time and explanary answers to the questions, Mr.  Adrian Herrera, Chief Marketing Officer of Varnish Software .  Below you will find the answers to my 4 questions. Varnish Software is the first company which I post the e-interviews. Hopefully will not be the only one.  I thank again for their support to this blog... Q1. Can you tell us a bit about Varnish Software and your insights on the Turkish market? Over 20% of the world’s top websites use Varnish Software ’s caching and CDN solutions, which help content providers of any size deliver lightning-fast, reliable, and high-quality web and streami

post IBC 2022: 5G Broadcast

There is a saying in Turkish. If I try to translate it, I guess it is something like this: "Everyone describes an elephand depending on where he/she grabs." I believe there is also one in English which has similiar meaning, I would be glad if you can share that in the comments. I have been working in broadcast since 1998 and worked on digital terrestrial broadcast since 2003. So, the my main interest was DTT again. But this time not DAB+ / DRM+ nor DVB-T2. My main point of interest was 5G Broadcast.  There was actually one single company which was demonstrating 5G broadcast, namely Rohde & Schwarz. They were doing the demonstration with the receivers which have chipsets from Qualcomm. So this demonstration was in a way the demo of R&S and Qualcomm. But I had the chance to talk to other big transmitter companies. The advance of IBC is that you can find top level executives to talk with on the subjects that you are interested in. So these guys told me that even though t

post IBC 2022 move IBC 2023 to Istanbul

Before starting to write on the technology & services that I encounter at IBC 2022, let me write a little bit on Amsterdam & Schipol Airport.  As an engineer who believes that "another life is possible other than we live", i.e. a socialist version of life is possible, I do respect the strikes. I think that it is the most powerful way of being seen by the authorities. So the strike of railway when I came to Amsterdam was something I already know, thanks to my dear friend BM from UK. But the long ques that all of us waited at Schipol when we were trying to quit Amsterdam, was not because of a strike at all.  The overpriced restaurants, twice / sometimes triple times priced hotels, cosy but noisy city center... I can understand all of these, but can not understand standing in que for 3 hours just to exit the country. So I, once again, offer IBC to think Istanbul for IBC 2023.  I believe you all know that Istanbul with its two international airports, train & ferry con